Staff Contact List

TeacherResponsibilities/SubjectsEmail Address
Mr L AdamsTeacher of 
 Dr L AhmedTeacher of Science
Mr A BaileyAssistant 
Mrs C Benyahia Social Sciences, Psychology
Miss A BevanTeacher of Business Studies
 Miss N BluntHead of Creative
Miss R BrindleyAssociate Deputy 
Miss S BruntHead of Department – MFL, French,
Miss Z BurroughsLead Teacher of Music
Miss E BushSubject Leader PHSE
Ms S Butler Lead Teacher of  Mathematics
Miss G
Mrs A ChatfieldSecond in
Mrs K ChawnerTeacher of
Miss I ChubbTeacher of
Miss S CollymoreTeacher of Social
Mr C CoombsTeacher of
Mrs L CooperTeacher of Computer Science &
Miss L CostaTeacher of
Mrs C DanielsSecond in Modern Foreign
Miss R DavisTeacher of 
Mrs J DeanTeacher of
Miss N DuffieldTeacher of
Miss R FearnTeacher of Art and Design
Mrs S GarlandLead Teacher of Health & Social 
Mrs J GodwinTeacher of
Ms S GordonTeacher of
Mr A GregorySubject Leader
Mr M GroveAssociate Assistant Headteacher / 
Mathematics Head of Faculty
Miss J HallTeacher of
Miss K HalliganSubject Leader of
Miss H HillTeacher of
Miss H HodkinsonTeacher of 
Miss M HollandTeacher of
Mr D HowardAssistant Headteacher / Post 16 Senior
Mrs A HowellLead Teacher of
Mrs S JordanAssistant Headteacher / 
Miss V JordenTeacher of
Miss C King Teacher of
Miss S LamburnHead of Faculty – English
Mr P LanderTeacher of Science
Mr J LangranTeacher of French & Spanish
Miss R Maddocks Teacher of English
Mrs N MartinTeacher of Business
Mr J McGrathTeacher of
Miss E MountneyTeacher of Mathematics
Miss J Oberg Teacher of English
Miss K O’RourkeTeacher of
Miss G Palaha Teacher of
Mr  J PanesarHead of Faculty  –
Mr S PanesarTeacher of Science 
Mrs J PearceTeacher of 
Mrs R PeeblesTeacher of Psychology and Sociology
Mrs C PhillipsLead Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Z PointonSubject Leader RE / Citizenship
Miss C RawlinsTeacher of English
Mrs N ReynoldsTeacher of English 
Mrs V RainesTeacher of History
Mrs N ReynoldsTeacher of
Mrs  K RobinsonAssistant Headteacher / Mathematics
Mrs  L RoeTeacher of Health & Social Care
Mrs D ScattergoodLead Teacher of Drama
Mrs M ScottLead Teacher of
Ms C SheridanTeaching & Learning in
Mr J SimmonsHead of Faculty  –
Mr I Smith-ChildsHeadteacher
Miss G SparkesSubject Leader Business
Miss L TooleyTeacher of French &
Miss L TongueHead of Design 
Mrs E TowlerTeacher of
Mrs D TrembleSLE English
Mrs J Trude Smith Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs K Turner Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J WardTeacher of
Mr N WarrenAssociate Assistant Headteacher / Geography
Mrs K WhitehouseSubject Leader – Art
Mr R WilkinsonLead Teacher of PE
Dr D WoodcraftSLE