BTEC Sport Level 2

  • Coursework: 75%
  • Examination: 25%


  • Coursework: Practical performance (30%) Analysis Evaluating Performance (10%)
  • Examination: 60% – 2 exams, physical factors affecting performance; socio-cultural issues and sports psychology

BTEC Sport Level 1

  • Coursework: 100%



The PE Curriculum is designed around 9 key themes:

  • Invasion Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Net and Wall games
  • Striking and Fielding
  • Athletics
  • Outdoors and Adventurous Activities
  • Fitness and Health Related Education

Within these Themes students will be taught in Topics (sports) that will be divided into areas. An example of a football topic would be:

  • Passing
  • Rules and Laws
  • Control
  • Movement
  • Attack and Defence
  • Game Situation

Students will be assessed in each topic at the start and then after a 6 week programme of study. Students will use a red, amber and green (RAG) system to monitor their progression.


Core PE 
Students will be placed on two different pathways:

  • Competition
  • Alternative and Healthy Active Lifestyles


Students will be encouraged to compete against each other to improve performance within a competitive environment. The emphasis will be on Leadership, tactics, officiating and improving overall performance. The competition pathway will also be used to support GCSE and BTEC Sport students with their practical coursework

Students will Follow the GCSE Practical Assessment format where they will be scored from 1-20 in a variety of sports

Alternative and Healthy Active Lifestyles

This strand is about shaping the future lifestyles and making sure students understand how to live a Healthy and active lifestyle. Alternative sports/fitness classes will be used to deliver the programme with a selection of practical and non-practical themes being delivered.

Students will be scored from 1-10 which will focus on effort and knowledge rather than performance.

BTEC Sport Level 2

The BTEC Sport programme consists of 4 units:

  • Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise – Externally assessed online examination
  • Unit 2 – Practical Sport – 3 assignments, internally assessed/externally moderated
  • Unit 3 – Sports Psychology
  • Unit 6 – Leading Sports Activities – 3 assignments, internally assessed/externally moderated

Extra-Curricular Activities:

The department organises extra-curricular activities on a daily basis making full use of the sports Gymnasiums, outdoor courts and playing fields. Pupils are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular activities provided by the physical education staff and external agencies. This is intended to increase the opportunity of general involvement in physical activity and the development of excellence, both in and out of school. These clubs are often run after school until approximately 4.15 pm. They are run at no cost to our students, unless this is specifically highlighted by the teacher in charge.

School Games

The Coleshill School is proud to be part of The School Games, The School Games is a unique competition that inspires and motivates our students to get involved in sport and provides opportunities to compete in competitive inter school sport competitions too competitive sport against other schools and the county.

2016/17 – The Coleshill was awarded a Gold School Games Mark. To achieve this mark, the PE department engaged at least 50% of pupils in extracurricular sporting activity every week and have active links with local sports community clubs. During the year the School competed in a range of level 2 School Games competitions including Badminton, Handball, Table Tennis, Rowing and Trampolining and Super 6 competitions in Athletics.

The activities offered to students throughout the year complement the curriculum.