Post 16 Programmes of Study

16 – 19  Programme of Study at The Coleshill School

The Coleshill Sixth Form’s aim is to foster a vibrant, supportive and happy sixth form community which will develop a wide range of intellectual, sporting, cultural and recreational interests for its learners. The following programme of study is in place to support this aim.  In certain circumstances students may study a bespoke programme to support individual needs and circumstances.

A Levels:

Students normally choose three A Level subjects dependent on prior attainment from a wide range of subjects.

Vocational Level 3 Courses:

Students can choose from three subjects.

Btec Health and Social Care is offered as an Extended Certificate (worth one A level). 

Btec in Sport is offered as an Extended Certificate (worth one A level) or an Extended Diploma alongside other sporting opportunities (currently football and golf).

Btec Applied science is offered as an Extended Certificate (worth one A level).

Tech level qualifications: Students can choose the Cambridge Technical in ICT and/or Business which are each the equivalent of one A level.

Football Academy:

The Sixth Form works with football coaches to provide a combination of high quality football coaching with an extended Diploma in Sport. Members of the academy train for half their time and study with the sixth form for the other half.

GCSE Maths and English: All students who have not reached a grade 4 prior to joining the sixth form will be required to resit these qualifications. Timetabled teaching will be offered for all students to support this.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ):

 Students are encouraged to undertake the EPQ as an additional qualification. This allows students to show a depth of study in an area of interest of their choice and to enhance their UCAS and job applications.

Learning & Pastoral Support:

Students continue to receive learning support where appropriate and personalised pastoral support is a central part of the sixth form ethos.

Non – qualification activity: all students are allocated a personal tutor and follow a tutorial course encompassing activities including the following: weekly assemblies, current affairs, study skills and growth mindset support, progress record interviews, student presentations, question time events, careers & HE research etc.

Students are encouraged to qualify for our leadership award to recognise wider skills which are developed through buddying, coaching, charity work, event organisation, leading student council and other such activities. Students also have the opportunity to work with NCS, Outward Bound, DofE, Warwickshire Youth Parliament, World Challenge and other enrichment organisations.

Students follow a CEIAG programme with a diverse range of presentations and activities designed to support post 18 choices. Collaboration with 4 local universities and those further afield helps to deliver a comprehensive HE support programme which prepares students well for University applications including to Oxbridge and Russell group. Partnerships with local firms and providers give students the opportunity to take part in presentations and workshops which develop employment and ‘soft’ skills and visits to employers are offered regularly.

Work experience is encouraged though not compulsory. This may take the form, for example, of an afternoon a week or up to a week in the post exam period or may be taken in the holidays.