Student Leadership

Our Vision

Student leaders are young people that have a vision of what they want to achieve and the courage to achieve it. They have the potential to empower and support their peers.  Therefore, at The Coleshill School students can apply and be considered for one or many roles within our student leadership team. In return students will have the opportunity to develop key skills in leadership, teamwork, and collaboration to name but a few, whilst making improvements to the lives of those at The Coleshill School and in the wider community. They will receive a badge for their role, student lanyard and will be able to demonstrate their contribution to the school through earning a AQA Leadership Award.

The student leadership roles and responsibilities:

Student Leadership RolesYear GroupBrief Overview of role & responsibilities
Form House Captain  Years 7 to 13Lead in the six inter House Competitions throughout the year and lead on their forms SPIRIT House point totals. Lead on our Charity events and open events throughout the year. You will also drive change across the school by liaising and working with the Heads of Phase. This group raises awareness of local and national charity events for example Children in Need, and Red Nose day. The students are overseen by our Sixth Form leadership Team making it a real student lead responsibility.
Sports LeadersYears 8 -10Lead on our North Solihull School Games sports eventsLead festivals for Primary Schools. Support with extra-curricular at The Coleshill School   Throughout the year the leaders will have gained experience in a wide variety of sports. The students are overseen by our PE Team and SGO.
Student AmbassadorsYears 7 – 11Lead on interviews, tours with prospective new students and staff at TCS. Created to give students a voice within the school and the students are overseen by our Recruitment Team.
Subject AmbassadorsYears 7 – 13Work in a subject team across the school. You will have the opportunity to get involved with leading on open day events, designing displays, organising engaging learning environments, running clubs for other students, and being involved in department competitions.   The students are overseen by our their chosen subject team.
Hope MentorsYear 9Support our younger students in the school.   You will receive Hope Mentoring which is a weekly tutor program that runs throughout the year. The students are overseen by our Pastoral Team.
LibrariansYears 7 – 13Training is provided to support the Library LRC in all its work.  Roles include working in the Library during break and lunch-times once a week. They play an active part in all aspects of the Library including learning to use the library computer system, issuing and receiving books, shelving and overseeing Children’s University Activities.   The students are overseen by our Librarian.
Mental Health TeamYears 7 – 13The Mental Health Team will raise awareness through a range of events throughout the year.
Inclusion, Diversity and Community ChampionsYears 7 – 13This student group works together to harness the full potential of our school’s cultural and ethnic diversity promoting our school, its community and British values.   Students who are passionate about bringing communities together in order to effect positive change drive this group.
TCS Media TeamYears 7 – 13Writing blogs for the school each half term, reporting on events in the school. 

We have recently appointed our Senior School Leaders and House Captains for the 2022/23 academic year. We are delighted to have appointed 12 Senior School Leaders in total, who will be responsible for overseeing nine committees in school.

Student Leadership Structure

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