Student Leadership Team

At The Coleshill School we have a Student Leadership Team who support the implementation of new initiatives and work with key members of staff to ensure the opinions of all students are heard.

The Student Leadership Team were selected during the Autumn term following a rigorous process which involved an application, including a reference and a review panel consisting of the current Year 11 Team. Upon return from lockdown three, each year group have focussed their attention on an aspect of school improvement they are passionate about.

  • Year 7 have been supporting the Transition programme, providing ideas to Miss Hall and Mr Grove to ensure our new starters feel welcomed into their new school.
  • Year 8 have been advocates of equality and have been considering ways to educate the whole school community. This work has included the promotion of the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter agenda.
  • Year 9 have been working on a recycling project to improve the recycling capacity of The Coleshill School and have enlisted the support of the finance department to push this project forward.
  • Year 10 have supported the Year 7 with their transition work and have been guiding our younger students in meetings to ensure the discussions are effective and purposeful.
  • Year 11 were heavily involved in the selection process of the year 7 to 10 teams and have admirably taken a step back to ensure they focus on their final year of school.

As we transition into the Phase system we are pleased to announce that each year group will work to support their phase and continue with their focus for the remainder of this academic year. As we move into September 2021 we will look to continue with our Student Leadership Teams.

Please see below the Student Leadership Teams for each year group.