At The Coleshill School our goal is to equip every student with the essential skills to achieve in mathematics. Students should be encouraged to question, reason and engage with problem solving to enhance their mathematical understanding and development. Through our well-planned curriculum we aim to foster a passion for learning mathematics and to strengthen students mathematical abilities, along side providing lifelong skills.

In keeping with The Coleshill School’s core values of “work hard, be kind, and take responsibility,” we want our students to develop into resilient, independent, ambitious learners who can succeed in any field they choose. We must create an atmosphere in our classrooms where students become confident in asking questions, getting things wrong and contributing in mathematical debates.


Key StageHours per fortnight
3Yr 7 – 8 hours, Yr 8 – 7 hours, Yr 9 – 7 hours
4Yr 10 – 8 hours, Yr 11 – 8 hours
5Yr 12 – 10 hours, Yr 13 – 9 hours, Yr 13 FM – 6 hours