Music Lessons

We have a wide range of instrumental lessons on offer here at the Coleshill School, the lessons are taught by professional musicians who deliver fantastic, quality lessons.

It is our aim to provide high quality instrumental tuition at Coleshill, offering a wide range of instruments whilst making instrumental lessons as accessible as possible. In order to improve this high level of provision, we are making a couple of changes to the lesson options that are available.

Lesson Options:

From January 2018, we will be offering two options for lessons through the introduction of a group lesson option as well as an individual lesson. We hope that this will assist as many students as possible being able to consider learning a musical instrument.

One to one lessons: £13.00 per lesson

The option of one to one lessons will continue. We anticipate that this will be the most common lesson format and provides great value, promoting the fastest level of development on a musical instrument.

Group Lessons: £8.00 per lesson

Group lessons will now also be offered. In this scenario, students will be placed in a small group of two or three students, all of a similar ability. This will allow students to receive dedicated input as they develop on their instrument and also learn alongside their friends.

Communicating effectively and raising lesson attendance:

The current system of rotating lessons each week ensures that a student will usually only miss one lesson of a subject in any given term. This system will continue in order to minimise any disruption to their learning.

To keep students up to date on their lesson times and timetable, we plan to move to an online platform called Edmodo (a virtual classroom platform / check for more details). This will enable students to always access up to date lesson times and assist in our ongoing efforts to effectively communicate with students. It will also be possible for parents and to set up an account and monitor any communication through this platform with their own child and check timetables.

In order for this to be set up, we require permission for any students under the age of 13 although we are also keen to respect the wishes of parents.

The lessons are held on a weekly basis via a timetable clearly displayed in the music department. The timetable is on a rotation so the students never miss the same lesson more than once per half term. We are very flexible and can arrange times to suit the student?s needs.

The students are to complete a form and we ask parents to sign and return it to Mr WIlley asap. We offer these lessons on a first come first serve basis only.

The instrumental lessons we offer are…
  • Adam Newbury: Guitar ? electric and acoustic
  • Richard Evans: Piano, Flute and Voice
  • James Rawson: Drums
  • Jay Taylor: Voice
  • Adrian Taylor: Brass
  • Victoria Strudwick – Violin

The peripatetic teachers guide the students in their instrumental studies and recommend that they their grade exams on their instrument, this helps the students if they choose to take GCSE music as one of their options, however, if a student would like to play for their own enjoyment then that’s ok too!

To download a music lesson booking form please see: