Our School

Head of School’s Vision and Purpose

As the Head of School, I am delighted to welcome you to The Coleshill School, where we are: passionate about making a difference, ambitious for all and are committed to ensuring children lie at the heart of all that we do.   We are a proud member of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership.

The Coleshill School is a school community that is ethically inclusive, with exceptionally high expectations that has grown by over 500 students in recent years and is now a school of choice for the local community.  We have a thriving Sixth Form.

Our school catchment is wide, encompassing both rural and inner-city areas meaning our school community benefits from welcoming students from a range of cultures and back grounds. 

Our values as a school are ‘Work hard, Be kind, Take responsibility’ are more than just words, but thoughts, feelings and actions that are promoted by all our staff, to our students to inspire a culture of success, respect, inclusivity, and success.  We want our staff, parents, carers and students to have a shared sense of belonging and feel proud to be a part of The Coleshill School.

At the Coleshill school we have high expectations of all and are committed to promoting a culture where students have a voice, are happy and take responsibility, engaging and participating actively within the school.

We understand the importance of personal development and provide a range of opportunities for our students to grow and realise their potential as a ‘Coleshill Learner’, through developing the key attributes of SPIRIT

  • Self-management
  • Perseverance
  • Innovation
  • reflection,
  • independence
  • and teamwork

We are determined to provide the care, nurture and support that enables our students to grow and develop as a young person, whilst creating a school environment where they feel safe and have opportunities to be involved in school life.  We want all our students to thrive, feel empowered and able to achieve and secure positive outcomes.   

Our broad, balanced and knowledge rich curriculum (year 7 to 13) across Key Stage 3, 4 and into 5 (our sixth form), is delivered by specialist staff, who are committed to providing all our students with access to high quality learning experiences and opportunities.  This will support our students in being successful and preparing them for the changing world that they are growing up in.

Learning at The Coleshill School continues beyond the classroom, with our exceptional extra-curricular offer.  Over 700 children took part in clubs, trips and activities in 2022-23.  We hold the prestigious Sports Games Platinum, have an extensive Duke of Edinburgh programme, as well as being nominated for a national award for our Children’s University programme, with over 500 children graduating for their commitment to their personal development.  Whatever your child’s interest and talent we will nurture it!

We want our community to believe and share our values of ‘Work hard, Be kind and Take responsibility’ where we work collaboratively together to make a difference to the lives of our young people at the Coleshill School and ensure that they reach their destination of choice.

Rebecca Brindley

Head of School

The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, Kittoe Road, Sutton Coldfield, B74 4RZ – Tel: 0121 323 2221  – for further information please visit: www.atlp.org.uk