Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal, social and health education (PSHE) at The Coleshill School plays a fundamental role in our safeguarding first approach and in the preparation of our students for their lives in the wider world.

Our carefully designed PSHE curriculum gives students the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves and others, to influence others positively and to be excellent role models in the community.

The PSHE topics studied at The Coleshill School fit in to the following key areas

  • Relationships
  • Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing
  • The Wider World

Each half term focuses on one of these themes and looks in detail at some of the prevalent issues within that area. Relationship education focuses on managing friendships, forming healthy relationships, and enjoying family life. As pupils progress into key stage four, we teach them about navigating intimate relationships. Physical health and mental wellbeing at how we take care of our body as well as our minds. Studying the wider world teaches pupils the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance. At key stage four, this also includes careers and finance. The coverage takes place in fortnightly PSHE lessons as well as within drop-down weeks scheduled throughout the school year.

The PSHE Curriculum overview can be found here

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at The Coleshill School

RSE is compulsory in all secondary schools. Below is a breakdown of what each year group will cover as part of RSE

Year 7


When Friendships go wrong

My Relationships

Healthy v Unhealthy Relationships



Year 8

Healthy and unhealthy relationships

Abuse in Relationships

Relationship Expectations

Sexting and the law

Teenage Pregnancy



Year 9

Romantic Relationships

Abusive Relationships

Consent and Sexual Relationships

Sexting and indecent images

STIs and contraception


Year 10

Positive Relationships

Relationships Breakdown

Forced marriage

Pregnancy and Choices



Year 11

Body Shaming

Sexual Harassment

Consent and rape

Relationships and Revenge porn

Safe sex


Sixth Form



Coercive Control

Domestic abuse

This curriculum is ultimately designed to keep students safe, confident and happy in an ever-changing world. RSE is delivered within the PSHE curriculum at designated times during the academic year.