Letters to Parents

Letters are sent out usually on Fridays via email. For this to be effective, please ensure that we have your correct mobile number and email contact details by contacting the school.

Letters to parents / carers are also listed below for your reference and information. Please click on the letter that you’d like to read for further information.

Teacher Assessment Grades28/04/2021Year 11
UK University & Apprenticeship Search Virtual Fair28/04/2021Year 11, 12 & 13
Arrangements for Year 11 and Year 13 Students201/04/2021Year 11 & Year 13
End of Term Letter01/04/2021All Years
A Level and Applied Grading Arrangements 202112/03/2021Year 13
GCSE and BTEC Grading Arrangements 202112/03/2021Year 11
Year 11 Assembly – Mr Jordan12/03/2021Year 11
Face Covering Update03/03/2021All Years
Returning to School From 8th March 202101/03/2021All Years
TCS Covid Management Plan – March 202101/03/2021All Years
Update for Parents re Opening of School from 8th March 202125/02/2021All Years
Year 11 Live Lesson Timetable Changes after Half Term05/02/2021Year 11
Year 10 Live Lesson Timetable Changes after Half Term05/02/2021 Year 10
Year 13 January Lockdown Update08/01/2021Year 13
Year 12 January Lockdown Update08/01/2021Year 12
Year 11 January Update Letter08/01/2021Year 11
Return to School Letter – Year 12 – V204/01/2021Year 12
Return to School Letter – Year 704/01/2021Year 7
Return to School Letter – Year 804/01/2021Year 8
Return to School Letter – Year 904/01/2021Year 9
Return to School Letter – Year 1004/01/2021Year 10
Return to School Letter – Year 1104/01/2021Year 11
Return to School Letter – Year 1204/01/2021Year 12
Return to School Letter – Year 1304/01/2021Year 13
Return to School and Staggered Rollout of Coronavirus Testing – from Richard Gill, CEO ATLP18/12/2020All Years
Covid Isolation Update Letter15/12/2020All Years
Year 11 Report & Go4Schools Information04/12/2020All Years
Update Letter from Mr Smith-Childs23/11/2020All Years
Year 11 Working From Home16/11/202011
Testing and Remote Learning Testing if Unwell – WCC Wider Symptoms Test Access WCC16/11/2020All Years
NHS – Test and Trace Letter to Parents25/09/2020All Years
Covid-19 Single Case – Letter to Parents22/09/2020All Years
Return to School and Remote Learning Letter01/09/2020Years 8-13
End of Term Letter with important information about returning to school in September 202016/07/2020All Years
GCSE Examination Results – Collecting14/07/2020Year 11
Collecting A Level and BTEC Examination Results – August 202014/07/2020Year 13
Letter from Richard Gill, CEO, ATLP09/06/2020All Years
Letter to Parents from Richard Gill, CEO ATLP and Ian Smith-Childs Headteacher19/05/2020All Years
How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams15/05/2020All Years
Remote Learning – Year 1015/05/2020Year 10
My GCSE Science Access – Letter to Parents01/05/2020Year 10
My GCSE Science Access – Letter to Students01/05/2020Year 10
Covid-19 Year 13 Letter01/05/2020Year 13
Covid-19 Year 12 Letter01/05/2020Year 12
Free School Meals Letter27/04/2020All Years
Year 11 Letter to Parents24/04/2020 Year 11
Summer 2020 Grades for GCSE AS and A Level03/04/2020Year 11 & Year 13
Ofsted Letter to Parents01/04/2020All Years
Designated Safeguarding Leads27/03/2020All Years
Year 13 Letter – From Mr Howard23/03/2020Year 13
Letter to Year 11 and Year 13 Parents23/03/2020Year 11 & 13
Coronavirus Update Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 1120/03/2020All Years
Guide to accessing the Website resources20/03/2020All Years
Coronavirus Update – Letter from Richard Gill, CEO ATLP19/03/2020All Years
Coronavirus Update – 18th March 2020 – Letter to Year 9 & 10 Parents18/03/20209 & 10
Coronavirus Update – 18th March 2020 – Letter to All Parents18/03/2020All Years
Head?s Blog ?A Busy Week at Coleshill!?06/03/2020All Years
Ofsted Letter to Parents02/03/2020All Years
Ofsted Guide to Parents02/03/2020All Years
Headteacher?s Blog ? Sensational Year 728/02/2020All Years
Headteacher?s Weekly Blog ?The Importance of the Curriculum?31/01/2020All Years
Attendance Letter27/01/2020Alll Years
Headteacher?s Blog ? Coleshill?s Creative Flair24/01/2020All Years
Headteacher?s Blog ? Celebrating The Coleshill Learner17/01/2020All Years
Headteacher?s Blog ? An Inspirational Start to 202010/01/2020All Years
Weekly Newsletter ? What a Wonderful Term20/12/2019All Years
End of Term Letter16/12/2019All Years
Weekly News Update ? An Amazing Alice13/12/2019All Years
Year 11 Parents’ Evening Letter06/12/2019Year 11
Christmas Jumper Day Letter06/12/2019All Years
Encompass Letter05/12/2019All Years
Weekly News Update – 22/11/2019 – Sports Superstars22/11/2019All Years
Year 11 Parents’ Evening Letter22/11/2019Year 11
Sixth Form Parents’ Evening Letter19/11/2019Years 12 & 13
Weekly News Update – Year 7 Superstars18/10/2019All Years
School Closure 3rd December 201918/10/2019All Years
 Year 10 Parents Evening15/10/201910
Weekly News Update11/10/2019All Years
Weekly News Update27/09/2019All Years
Welcome Letter – Year 725/09/20197
Welcome Letter – Year 825/09/20198
Welcome Letter – Year 925/09/20199
Welcome Letter – Year 1025/09/201910
Welcome Letter – Sixth Form25/09/2019 12 & 13
Weekly News Update20 September 2019All Years
Weekly News Update13 September 2019All Years
Weekly News Update6 September 2019All Years
School Shoes Letter2 September 2019Years 7-11
 Summer 2020 Grades for GCSE AS and A Level