Head’s Blog – Welcome to The Coleshill School

Friday 9th September, 2022

As we end the first week of school, as the new Head of School, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all of our students to The Coleshill School and thank you for your support in ensuring that they have arrived very smart, wearing their school uniform (https://coleshill.warwickshire.sch.uk/parents/school-uniform/),  equipped and prepared to start or continue their learning journey with us.

This week we have had assemblies with all our students, to communicate our vision that students lie at the heart of all we do, deserve the very best and that we as a school are committed to providing this for every child.  Alongside the nurture and support that we will provide, we have also emphasised the importance of their role within the school and developing the attributes of the Coleshill Learner, in being responsible and contributing to a school culture that is underpinned by high standards and expectations, high levels of attendance and students coming to school every day and that they are kind and respectful to each other, the school and everyone in the local community. 

Throughout the year, we will be providing an array of opportunities and experiences for our students, and we hope that your child will be courageous and have the desire to get involved.  By participating and working alongside us, we know that we can provide your child with the ambition to be successful not just academically, but as a young person, which is something that we are incredibly proud of.

To continue to support you and considering the challenges that we are all facing with cost of living, we would like to draw your attention to the below link, where you are able to check if you are eligible for and then on apply for free school meals (through Warwickshire local Authority) https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/education-learning/apply-free-school-meals.  There are also a range of services and supportive organisations to support health and well-being (which we update you on as we go through the year), that you might be interested in and can access for you and your child, via our school website and via this link https://coleshill.warwickshire.sch.uk/parents/health-wellbeing-2/.

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